IKPA is comprised of international experts with a wide range of knowledge and credentials. Through this expertise, IKPA fosters research collaborations that create new knowledge and provide open access to data on the biology, ecology, and cultural dimensions of kangaroos.

Our goal is to provide credible and reliable information to drive key IKPA strategies for protecting kangaroos, foster stronger bonds between humans and kangaroos, and promote positive mechanisms for change.

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Estimating population sizes

IKPA believes that existing methods to estimate population sizes of kangaroo species across Australia, as implemented by governments, remain flawed, lack independence from managerial and stakeholder concerns...

Kangaroo management in Victoria

Victorian kangaroo advocates, including the Australian Wildlife Shelters Coalition and the Australian Wildlife Protection Council, are currently preparing a comprehensive, evidence-based report on the treatment of kangaroos in Victoria.

Farmers coexisting with kangaroos

IKPA is supporting research at the Centre for Compassionate Conservation at UTS that is tracing the resilience of livestock farms that coexist with kangaroos on their properties.